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Which itself is no longer trading E-Trade in the service sector, whether it be production or developed end-to-end solutions for your business by offering you with unique solutions.. Datafark the new digital world provides an opportunity of overtaking speed.


Marketplace Management

Trendyol, Hepsiburada, N11, gittigidiyor, you can easily manage from a single panel of the marketplace and much more.

eexport kopya

Email export

Zalando, Amazon, Etsy, Ozone, Afound in many overseas markets with exports from the one who noticed until AliExpress make.


E-commerce site management

Ikas, Ideasoft, Ticimax, as many Tsoft e-commerce infrastructure be integrated with your own store and Increase Your Sales with.



Expense accounts, cash and banks, cheques & bills to your account, you can do all your accounting transactions of the staff.


Account Reconciliation

Everything is under control now with the invoice from the shipping trade commission marketplaces.



E-commerce with the mandatory e-invoicing and e-waybill solutions datafark you with the fastest and most economical in your processes.

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Unique Features

Mevcut ve potansiyel müşteri kitlelerinizin size her an her yerde ulaşabileceği tüm pazar yerlerine entegre olarak çalışan Datafark ile çok kısa sürede ürünlerinizi yükleyebilirsiniz.

N11, Hepsiburada, Gittigidiyor ve Trendyol gibi sektörün önde gelen ve sektöre yön veren tüm pazaryerlerinde tek panel yönetimi sayesinde dakikalar içinde ürünlerinizi yükleyebilir ve satışa başlayabilirsiniz.

Üstelik yeni başlayanlar için dahi oldukça kolay bir yapıda olan Datafark, hiçbir teknik bilgi gerektirmiyor!
E-commerce with all the different souks and can easily spread datafark bringing a new dimension to your products, you can speed up your sales.


Price and inventory update

Product is in stock prices in your store and the marketplace, based on rules that you define automatic update.


Smart Pricing

Determine different price ranges according to the variable profit rates and low inventory quantities. And non-stock, don't stay in a particular Limit Hold in your profits.


Easy Billing

Your days are no longer the billing process won't take your time. You can easily edit the bill, hundreds at one time.


Order Tracking

Your orders to your customer to the customer when it reaches the address, or instantly see the refund. Get a notification when needed.


Interruption Control

Of souks when you cut all the Bills report to the last detail, every possible kind of billing the wrong amount of control go through to the front. Do not waiver from your wife.



Publish the same product with a different name and description of the unlimited, easily manage your stock.

E-Commerce Marketplaces

Datafark - Modular Construction

Datafark big and small, that offers solutions to companies of all sizes, with a modular structure, the modules you need by taking pays as much as you need, you can focus your energy on your business. User-friendly face and Dec a budget-friendly modular structure our structure is for you!

Datafark custom solutions for special needs!

Every business in every industry to end-to-end solutions datafark pre-application from your accounting, e-invoicing your processes, sales in the souks from making their own e-commerce solutions to the management of your site, you can find all you need.

Packages For You

I Want Accounting

With the former method, complex programs or accounting paper-and-pencil to get tired from holding.
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I Cut My Bill

I get an online accounting program at the same time, e-cut for those who say I'm on my bill.
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I'm Starting In The Market Place

With this package, your accounting transactions track, you can cut your bills and you can open a store in the marketplace 4.
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Have My Own Web Site

Pre-accounting operations, 4 shop at the marketplace, e-invoicing processes of those who want to manage my own web site at Datafark panel suite.
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I'm integrated with ERP

This package is pre-accounting, 4th at the marketplace store manager and manage your own web site you can find a bill of sale. The program also include at least one I use but your orders in ERP, inventory updates through my program in the amount of Datafark also if you say this package is for you.
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Only the software is not on your side every time you want to that is Take a trade with the difference in datafark.

More than just an online program datafark most of it sounds to be close to you as you trade in your solution partner. Our priority is you, your workflow, your productivity is not much we can do to provide support.

Datafark Academy

To pursue an academic career with Datafark it's too easy. Our Instructors Are Experts In The Field Of Education And Training Opportunity.

E-commerce want to learn but don't know where to start in the right place?
Then you're in the right place!


Special Advisor To You

Datafark team of investment professionals with our consulting services we offer. At all stages during the whole process equips you with the necessary information and preparing the way we are. E-commerce in the context of starting from opening a store; the trade with a wide range of brand management throughout till we support you.


Consulting Services Video

Datafark a new vision for the sector, bringing to you the support services offer the most advanced services. Your adviser and your problems instantly with a click customer to be in front of you you came to the right place if you want to find a quick solution.

Datafark E-Invoice

E-billing consultant in conjunction with your migration manage. Within 30 minutes, effortlessly e-billing to switch to.

Easy and fast

Invoice create and share anywhere you want. Easily view all your past bills at any time of the paper invoice to get rid of the burden of the cost of all your processes accelerate.


Secure infrastructure with cloud technology

With cloud technology, your bills safe. Take the hassle out of archiving your bills with cloud technology.


Environmentally Sensitive

Get rid of the expense of digital paper with billing. And save your money. Help protect nature.


An End To The Trouble Postage

E-billing and create invoices in an easy manner with the engine you want your mail to your customers with SMS with a single click you want to pass. The cost of postage to get rid of your time and keep your money.


Quick delivery and collection

With one click of your bills, send it to your customers. “Lost in the mail” negative surprises, such as not. The timely collection of invoices that are sent fast.


7/24 Access

E-invoice system, invoice your computer, tablet or easily create your smart phone. No matter where you are located; in the office, at home or traveling, you can manage your bills, send 7/24.

Our Agency Services

Your existing and potential customers, you should remember for years. So your brand needs to reflect your corporate identity, you should choose the best plan. Ajanscope brand awareness and positioning your brand in promotional activities Summit targets.

Corporate Identity

Logo design, business cards, printed studies, corporate identity manual and more...


Corporate Website

Advertise your business, product promotion, web designs etc for your needs.


E-commerce website

Dynamic, fast and lean as you take your place in the digital world with web sites that we have prepared.



Sounds powerful and is an expert in the field of the major brands we are working with. Carve your mind the only way to progress with professional sound to the brand Ajanscope!


Facebook Business Management

A single panel of advertising your brand through managing all studies, analysis, and reporting potential and we determine appropriate advertising strategies for your target market. Interaction, access and traffic ads, to prepare and make a step, we determine the moves that you stand out from your competitors.


Digital Marketing

Everything is ready, and then just polishing your brand in digital media marketing business if you have the time.


Social Media Management

Instagram, facebook etc social media accounts in sync with the way we lead a snapshot of the algorithm.


Promotional Film

What can fit a frame? The presentation of your brand and products film Ajanscope lens with experience. In 2 languages, professional voiceover with an expert in the field, including 2 short video, your brand, move beyond your limits.


Google Ads Management

Ajanscope, among different models of Google ads advertising advertising for your brand and choosing appropriate models which are presented proper budget management, conversion rates, target audience and achieve success with you. Return received continuously analyze and Ajanscope in determining the correct address and new advertising strategies in practice only!


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