Easy Installation

Easy Installation

In the integration literature, the expression 'product import' can import your products from your store in the marketplace or from your own website; called import into your integration program. This is usually when you have existing stores ; When you start using Datafark integration, it is carried out as a transfer from your existing stores. After receiving the products from your first store; Since you will make transactions in all your stores with product matching; It is recommended that you give priority to the store with the most product variety. After installing this system and ensuring its functionality, you can use the import process. Example ; for any reason, not Datafarka; You have added a product to your marketplace store. Again, as in the initial stage; You can also transfer the added products to Datafark. The point to note here is; in order not to reprocess already existing products; instead of the 'matches only' option; using the 'open new stock card' option

Datafarkta import steps:

  • In the card that opens after clicking the import icon, select your marketplace store where the stock cards will be brought to or your own website.
  • Then, select one of the "matches only" or "create new card" options, which are the transfer filters of the cards, as described above, depending on the situation.
  • Son olarak ; stok kartlarının aktarım esnasında baz alınacağı ‘stok kodu ‘ ,’barkod’  seçeneklerinden bir tanesini tıklayınız. Bu işlem kartlar arasında ortak özelliği belirlemek açısından önem arz etmektedir. Diyelim ki; stok kartlarınızda stok kodlarının çoğu birbiriyle aynı ise; Datafark bu noktada, ayrı kartlar açmayacak ve aynı stok kodlu ürünleri tek kartta toplayacaktır. Bunun için böyle bir durumda ; stok kartlarını daha ayırt edici bir yöntemle ‘ürün adı’ ile import etmelisiniz.
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